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RLP - Jeff Belisowski - Blog Image - Real Estate Update - August 2019

Real Estate Update – August 2019

by Jeff Belisowski with 0 Comments in August 5, 2019

August is a popular time to get work done around the house. Perhaps you’re planning to do some repairs or get started on a decorating or renovation project and need a contractor, interior designer, cleaner, or other professional to help. If so, give me a call. Through my connections in the local “home industry”, I may know reputable professionals I can recommend. In fact, making recommendations is just one of the ways I continue to help my clients in between transactions. It’s part of my mission to be the kind of real estate agent you’d like to work with again...

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RLP, Jeff Belisowski - Blog Image - Real Estate Update - July 2019

Real Estate Update – July 2019

by Jeff Belisowski with 0 Comments in July 11, 2019

Summer is finally here and that’s great news for those of us who enjoy spending time in the great outdoors! Whether you prefer sports or leisure activities – or ambitious do-it-yourself projects – here’s hoping the days unfold just the way you wish. Some of the best summer days are spent getting together with family and friends for fun, food, refreshments and relaxing conversation. If your discussions turn to real estate, I sincerely hope you will refer me to your friends and family for general inquiries or any specific questions they may have. I appreciate it when you let others...

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May 2019 – Your Real Estate Update

by Jeff Belisowski with 0 Comments in May 10, 2019

May is finally here and things are starting to brighten up! If you’re like most people, this is the time of year when you start making plans for the summer. Perhaps you’re considering a vacation to somewhere exotic or adventurous. Maybe you’re just hoping to stay close to home to spend some extra quality time with family and friends. Whatever your plans are for the next few months, we wish you and your family a wonderful time. Speaking of a wonderful time, this is also a great time of year for real estate. As you may have already noticed, things...

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Your April Real Estate Update from Jeff Belisowski

Your April 2019 Real Estate Update

by Jeff Belisowski with 0 Comments in April 18, 2019

You’ve probably heard the expression “April showers bring May flowers”. That expression says a lot about how some things in life work. Sometimes we have to endure some rain before we can enjoy the sunshine and flowers. Take my world for example. Every week I see people out on their own trying to find a new home. Some of them experience a lot of frustration and disappointment as they try to make sense of the market, search for the right properties to see, and then try to negotiate the best deal. As a professional real estate sales associate, I understand...

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March 2019 - Real Estate Newsletter

Real Estate News – March 2019

by Jeff Belisowski with 0 Comments in March 12, 2019

The calendar pages are quickly flying by, and as each day passes, we are reminded that we need to start focusing on our plans for the rest of the year. Maybe you’ve been thinking about moving to a new home, doing a renovation or going on a major vacation. Whatever you may be planning for the coming months, now is the right time to get a head start. Not only will planning ahead relieve stress later, it will also give you the chance to consider options, do your research and even save money. Plus, the sooner you start, the sooner...

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