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Real Estate Update for May 2022 from Jeff Belisowski, iPro Realty

Real Estate Update – May 2022

by Jeff Belisowski with 0 Comments in May 9, 2022

How often have you opened a newspaper, or logged into your favourite news website, and seen story after story about the real estate market?Probably often. There’s no doubt about it. The real estate scene has been getting a lot of coverage lately, and it can all seem confusing — even baffling.However, there is good news.Most news outlets report on national news. But, it’s the LOCAL real estate scene that impacts you the most. And, this local market is much easier to understand and predict. Say, for example, you’re thinking of moving. If you give me a call, I can give...

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by Jeff Belisowski with 0 Comments in April 11, 2022

One of the great things about having friends and family is knowing that you help each other out.Over the course of a year, you probably get asked for help, at least occasionally. Perhaps a neighbour has reached out to borrow some tools or a friend has needed some advice.I’m sure you’re happy to oblige, whenever you can.Why am I bringing this up?I want to let you know that if you ever need help that is in some way real estate-related, you can give me a call. I’m happy to help.For example, you might need a contractor recommendation for a home...

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by Jeff Belisowski with 0 Comments in March 10, 2022

Have you ever walked into a store, and when you were approached by a sales rep who asked, “Can I help you find your size?” you had to explain, “Oh, I’m just looking”? Maybe you even felt a little guilty that you were not intending to buy anything. Well, the same thing can happen in real estate. For example, you might happen to drive through a neighbourhood, find that you like the area, see a couple of For Sale signs, and think, “I wonder how much it would cost to get into this neighbourhood?” That happens all the time, even...

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REAL ESTATE UPDATE – February 2022

REAL ESTATE UPDATE – February 2022

by Jeff Belisowski with 0 Comments in February 16, 2022

What do you do when you have a question, and you want to find a quick answer? Chances are, you do what we all do! You Google it. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s not easy to sift through all the information you get from a search to find an answer that’s accurate, up-to-date, and relevant to your situation. After all, you don’t want to end up acting on bad information. That’s where I can help. You see, when it comes to real estate, you want to make sure you get the most accurate information...

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January 2022 - Your Real Estate Update from Jeff Belisowski


by Jeff Belisowski with 0 Comments in January 17, 2022

If you’re like most people, you’re excited about the new year ahead. After all, the last couple of years have been challenging for many — to say the least. This month, January, seems like a brand-new beginning! In that vein, I hope you have a wonderful year. And, I want you to know that I’ll continue to be a resource for you for anything real estate-related. For example, if you have any questions about the market (which can seem crazy at times), please give me a call. I have the latest data and can provide you with the answers and...

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Your Real Estate Update – December 2021

by Jeff Belisowski with 0 Comments in December 20, 2021

A lot of people look forward to the new year because it’s like starting a new chapter in a book. You’re about to finish one chapter and — on New Year’s Day — you’ll be eager to begin another. Looking at it another way, that new chapter is full of blank pages – ready for you to write your own story. In fact, you may have several hopes and dreams for 2022 and maybe some ambitious goals, too. Whatever your plans, I want you to know that you can reach out to me anytime you need real estate advice or...

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Your Real Estate Update – November 2021

by Jeff Belisowski with 0 Comments in November 14, 2021

Eventually, just about all homeowners get to the point where they think about moving. Some want to upsize, some want to downsize, while others just want a change. No matter what the motivation, the decision isn’t always an easy one. There may be many reasons why it makes sense to stay with your current property. At the same time, there may be other compelling reasons to sell and find your next dream home. Fortunately, you don’t have to make that decision alone. As your real estate agent, I’m always available when you have questions or need advice regarding home ownership....

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Your Real Estate Update – October 2021

by Jeff Belisowski with 0 Comments in October 12, 2021

How often has someone asked you about a particular professional or a service company? For example, they may have asked, “Do you know a good tree trimming service?” or “Can you recommend a great accountant?” Chances are you’ve been asked plenty of times over the years. The reason is obvious. Most people would prefer to work with a professional or company that a friend or neighbour has endorsed. That’s why they ask for recommendations! With that in mind, when you get asked, “Do you know a great real estate agent?” I hope you’ll offer my name. If you do, I...

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Real Estate Update – September 2021

by Jeff Belisowski with 0 Comments in September 15, 2021

Have you ever had a question about real estate and struggled to find the answer? Perhaps you Googled the question and got inundated with hundreds of pages of content, much of it unhelpful. Or, maybe you asked friends and neighbours and received conflicting answers. It can be frustrating – especially when all you really want is an answer that’s accurate and relevant. For example, you might be wondering, “How much are homes going for in this area?” The good news is, there is a source of information available that you’re going to find very helpful. Me! I have the latest...

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Real Estate Update – August 2021

by Jeff Belisowski with 0 Comments in August 30, 2021

You’ve probably heard the saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” It refers to problems or opportunities you simply aren’t aware of. For example, you might think your plumbing system is fine. You have no problems! However, a plumber may take a look and immediately notice a weak joint that’s sure to leak in the near future. Professionals in their fields know about things we simply don’t. The same situation can happen in real estate. There may be issues or opportunities concerning your home that you can’t see. For example, your property may have gone up in value more...

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Real Estate Update – July 2021

by Jeff Belisowski with 0 Comments in July 5, 2021

In the days before the internet, when people were looking for a professional – a contractor, for example – they would often ask a friend or neighbour, “Do you know a good [insert profession]?” Well, guess what? The same thing still happens today! It’s just done a little differently. These days, people often ask for recommendations online, such as on their community’s Facebook page. However it’s done, the intention is obvious. People prefer to work with professionals who are recommended. That definitely includes real estate professionals. In my business, I work hard to be the kind of trusted real estate...

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Real Estate Update – June 2021

by Jeff Belisowski with 0 Comments in June 30, 2021

Often, in old western movies, when the good guys were overwhelmed or in danger, the cavalry would come riding to the rescue. It made for an exciting scene! These days, you may never get into a situation where you need soldiers on horseback to help you. However, it can be all-too-easy to become overwhelmed with questions and concerns, particularly when it comes to real estate. When that happens, rather than waiting for the cavalry to come galloping over the hill, you can call or email me. I’m happy to “come to the rescue” and provide you with any answers or...

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Your Real Estate Update – May 2021

by Jeff Belisowski with 0 Comments in April 25, 2021

I hope you’re enjoying the spring season so far!I have a quick question for you: What kind of professional do you like to work with?For me — whether it’s an accountant, lawyer or investment advisor — I prefer to work with someone who continually adds value. By that, I mean someone who provides excellent advice, is responsive when I have questions, puts my best interests first, and regularly sends helpful news and information.In other words, someone who focuses on being of service.Since that describes the kind of professional I would hire, I strive to be that same kind of professional...

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Real Estate Update – April 2021

by Jeff Belisowski with 0 Comments in April 25, 2021

It’s not uncommon for people to think of a real estate agent as someone who only helps buy or sell properties. And, of course, that’s a big part of what I do for my clients. But you may not realize that I do a lot more. For example, if you have questions about the local market, you can contact me. I’m happy to answer your questions and, if needed, provide you with more in-depth information and advice. I’m also well-connected in the local real estate community. So, if you’re looking for a recommendation — for a contractor, painter, electrician, etc....

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March 2021 Real Estate Update

Real Estate Update – March 2021

by Jeff Belisowski with 0 Comments in March 15, 2021

A big benefit of having a professional you can trust is knowing that you never have to go it alone. For example, if you work with a good tax accountant, you never have to search the internet trying to find an answer to a pressing tax question. You just need to make a call. That saves you time, frustration and worry — especially if you would otherwise be relying on answers from the internet. (Those answers may not even be right for your situation.) Why am I bringing this up? I want you to feel comfortable reaching out to me...

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Real Estate Update – February 2021

by Jeff Belisowski with 0 Comments in February 4, 2021

Did you know that there are many homeowners who are considering selling their homes over the next few months? In fact, you might even be considering making a move yourself.Why do I bring this up? Well, it’s conceivable that, while chatting with a neighbour or friend, you might be asked, “Do you know a good real estate agent?” If that happens, I hope you’ll feel confident in recommending me. I build my business through referrals. So, I work hard to earn those recommendations by providing excellent client service and doing everything else I can to be referral worthy.In fact, that’s...

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