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June 2019 - Real Estate Market Update from Jeff Belisowski

Real Estate Update – June 2019

by Jeff Belisowski with 0 Comments in June 12, 2019

There’s a famous television show from the 50’s and 60’s called Dragnet. It centres on the adventures of a no-nonsense cop who famously tells witnesses to give him, “Just the facts, ma’am. Just the facts.” He did that because facts were hard to get, yet very important to his job. These days, we live in a sea of information. “Google” just about any topic and you’ll get thousands of search results. There’s no shortage of information. But, it can still be difficult to get to the facts. Take real estate, for example. There’s a lot of news available about what’s...

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Do You Know the Basics of Home Security?

Do You Know the Basics of Home Security?

by Jeff Belisowski with 0 Comments in October 9, 2018

Most people feel confident that they know the basics of home security. For example, they know to: keep all doors locked; have a light on in the house while away; and, never hide a key outside in an obvious place, like under the mat. Yet, almost a million and a half properties get burglarized in North America each year. So, how can you prevent that from happening to your home? Here are a few lesser-known home security basics: Actually, never hide a key outside. Thieves know all the hiding places. Instead, make sure all family members have a key. Two-thirds...

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